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The Lister Hospital introduces hugely popular patient Call Back Service, to great acclaim.

Published: 16/01/2015

The patient Call Back Service, in keeping with Project World Class, was initiated last August and is already receiving positive feedback from patients and consultants alike. Created by Michelle Elford, Ward Manager at the Lister Hospital’s Day Surgery Unit, the concept for the Call Back Service is to improve patient satisfaction scores, form a lasting and positive impression of the hospital to our patients, and highlight our high standards of nursing care and professionalism. Consultants will also be reassured that caring for their patient doesn’t end after they are discharged.

Since August 2014, patients have been reaping the benefits of the Call Back Service and feedback so far has been well received: grateful for the chance to ask questions after they’ve been discharged, patients feel reassured that a senior nurse in charge will call them approximately 24 hours after leaving the Lister. They also have the opportunity to discuss post-operative pain, any medications they may have to take, follow up appointments and wound care.

The Call Back Service is used for all Lister Hospital inpatients across all floors, with the exception of IVF patients; staff have been comprehensively assessed and trained to manage phone calls. Training itself is carried out using role play scenarios.

The benefits are undoubted: patients report feeling better cared for, and ‘touched’ that Lister Hospital staff take the time to call them at home following discharge, which can be a particularly vulnerable time for those who have had surgery. Postoperative pain, reduced mobility and lethargy can leave patients feeling susceptible and dependent on extra support. Patients have the choice as to whether or not they are contacted and so far all have opted in, demonstrating that the Call Back Service is a valuable tool in building and strengthening  trust  between patients and  Lister Hospital staff.


By Claire Brazer

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