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Mr David Nott, OBE, receives a Pride of Britain Award

Published: 03/11/2016

David Nott

The Lister Hospital would like to extend a massive congratulations to one of our consultants Mr David Nott, OBE, who received a Special Recognition award at Pride of Britain for his voluntary work in Aleppo and other war zones.

Mr Notts award was presented by Sir Tom Jones, who was honoured to present the award saying “I couldn’t think of anyone else in the world I would rather give this award to”. Mr Nott received the biggest standing ovation of the night after guests heard about his 23 years of volunteering and humanitarian work.

Carol Vorderman also came to give a very heartfelt and emotional thank you as she was one of his patients 12 years ago, when Mr Nott saved her from sepsis.

Every year, Mr David Nott takes several months’ unpaid leave to volunteer for aid agencies including Red Cross and Syria Relief.   He has carried out lifesaving operations for victims who’s lives have been affected by conflict in some of the most dangerous parts of the world including Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Mr Nott is no stranger to working under pressure in some of the most difficult conditions; Mr Nott has worked in a makeshift hospital, saving lives as barrel bombs fell around him, fearing his own life and working by torchlight.

He continued to operate when IS extremists interrupted his theatre in Syria and ordered to leave the hospital in the Gaza Strip.  It is no wonder he is known as ‘The Indiana Jones of Surgery’.

Mr Nott’s commitment and hard work has also attracted the attention of the Queen.  Mr Nott struggled to speak as he was overcome with emotion when Her Majesty raised concern over his safety. .

Mr Nott is a credit to his profession, and at The Lister, we are proud to have him as one of our consultants.

Click here to read more about Mr Nott’s work and volunteering.


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