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Maintain muscle during your hospital stay

Published: 22/11/2016



Did you know that every week you spend lying in bed, you lose 10% of the muscle in your body? Therefore, it is vital that during your hospital stay, you stay as active as possible to reduce muscle wastage.


John Scurr, a consultant vascular surgeon at The Lister Hospital says ‘Every hour, gently rotate and flex the ankles and then bend the knees, bringing the feet towards you if you can. Do this for around ten minutes. ‘And don’t forget your arms as muscles can easily become wasted here, too — stretch them out in front of you and, if you can, lift the arms and shoulders off the bed. If patients can get out of bed but feel unsteady on their feet, they should ask visitors — with the permission of the nurses — to take them out for a short walk.’


Read more about John Scurr here 

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