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Lister Hospital Respiratory physician discusses how to cope with Asthma with The Huffington Post

Published: 10/08/2015

Former Apprentice star, Stuart Baggs, has died suddenly from an asthma attack.
The 27-year-old was found at his home on the Isle of Man by police on 30 July.
Inspector Iain MacMillan said: “Mr Baggs had suffered from asthma for many years and died as a result of his condition.”
Baggs, whose one-liners included “everything I touch turns to sold” was the youngest ever candidate to appear on The Apprentice back in
While many people have heard of asthma, unless you suffer from the long-term condition, you might not be fully aware of what it is and how it can affect someone. More than 5.4 million people in the UK suffer from asthma. For some people, it can be managed easily without disrupting day-to-day life, while in others it can cause persistent problems. According to Asthma UK, people with severe asthma can be affected to the point where they struggle to climb the stairs without feeling seriously out of breath.
Dr Lieske Kuitert, a consultant respiratory physician at The Lister Hospital in London tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle that asthma is a disease of the airways in the lungs, where they constrict and narrow in response to certain triggers.

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