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Brand new pilates equipment available now at Chelsea Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic

Published: 22/01/2015

The Lister Hospital’s physiotherapy team at Chelsea Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic, based at Chelsea Medical Centre, are constantly striving towards excellence to offer our patients the best and latest in new treatment method and modalities.

Over the past few months we have incorporated two new pieces of equipment to our clinical practice:

The Pilates Reformer

Pilates is very popular for developing core strength and stability, however until recently pilates has only been able to strengthen to body weight level and mainly based on the floor, which can prove difficult for some of our elderly patients.  The Reformer allows resistance and strength work with the versatility to perform movements in lying-sitting-standing positions.  It allows therapist and patient to incorporate a more functional movement pattern with the ability to apply resistance. The benefit of eccentric strengthening is a form of strengthening that allows the maintenance of muscle length whilst building strength, providing the patient with more functional muscles.

We work with many patients who have undergone total knee replacement, total hip replacement, spinal surgery as well as a variety of sporting and non-sporting injuries. The Reformer combines functional limb movement with the importance of developing, and including, core strength.

Complex Muscle stimulation

The Complex Machine has been around for several years and is mainly used by Olympic athletes, particularly within the English Institute of Sport. It has recently made more of an appearance into the hospital and clinic environments.

The Complex is a portable muscle stimulation machine; it has a variety of functions to help with the healing of injuries. It is fantastic for the use of muscle wasting from either inhibition or in-activity. The complex allows therapist and patients to target individual muscles or muscle groups; muscles can be given a workout without impacting the joints and it can be programmed gently enough that it can be used on day one of post-operative surgery (especially ACL and the activation of VMO). It allows muscles which surround immobilised joints the ability to maintain muscle strength without compromising the healing of the affected joints.

It provides valid sensory feedback to patients who may struggle to activate certain muscles, in particular shoulder injuries and developing good scapular control. Exercise programmes can be performed at the same time as the machine to reinforce good motor control.

At the Chelsea Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic we offer patients the ability to loan the complex machine on a weekly basis so that they can continue their rehabilitation at home. The machine is simple and safe enough for the patient to use independently.

If you would like to enquire about any of the services that we can offer at Chelsea Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic 272 Kings Rd, then contact us here:

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